Written in PHP and built using the FestaTools framework
  • IonSense
    IonSense is a bio-tech start up that makes ionization sources for mass spectrometers. I worked there for 6 years as the head of software development. Their DART technology can analyze a sample in seconds instead of hours and can be used for quality control and screening of everyday products. Some of their customers include NASA, the FDA, the FBI, Northrop Grumman, Pfizer, Merck, Nestle, MIT, Harvard, and Georgia Tech.
  • DART Applications
  • DART Applications
    This is a website for IonSense that contains experiments and publications related to their core technology, DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time). It was designed to be a community portal for customers to share their research using their product.
  • CovalX
  • Covalx
    This site was originally hosted on an expensive, proprietary, web server with poor customer support. Using only the HTML output generated by their closed-source back-end, I rewrote the website in PHP with a custom content management system. The client was able to move to a more affordable web hosting company and can now manage everything on their own.
  • Game Trader World
    I began Game Trader World as a senior in college looking to practice my development skills and to make a website that would be useful to gamers. At its peak, there were over 2,300 users, but it was never profitable. I attempted to rebuild the site from scratch with a new business model and an object-orientated code framework (FestaTools). Unfortunately, I no longer had the free time in my personal life to finish the job and I suspended development to focus on other projects.
  • A.A. Dority
  • AA Dority
    Like CovalX, this client was paying too much for their web hosting and had no way of managing content on their own. I kept the original look and feel of the website, but enabled the administrators to update the site without any coding knowledge.
  • Costa Rica Dream Villas
  • Costa Rica Dream Villas
    This is one of the first professional websites that I designed. For the past ten years it has helped my uncle find new guests for his rental property. This website predates FestaTools, but it does have a notable picture management system that is written in javascript and works without a database.
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